Friday, August 12, 2011

Book - Berlin Noir Trilogy by Philip Kerr

I just finished Philip Kerr's Berlin Noir: March Violets; The Pale Criminal; A German Requiem which is best described as historical crime fiction. Two of the three stories are set in 1930's Berlin leading up to the war, with the third taking place in 1947 when the city was divided.

The main character is a German P.I., Bernie Gunther whose investigations lead him through the dark world of pre and post war Germany, complete with guest appearances by Goering, Himmler and Heydrich.The plots of the stories are taut with the requisite twists and turns. His descriptions are atmospheric and realistic, painting a more complete picture of the times than what you'll find in a documentary.

My editor and others I've met who know fiction say this is the standard for the modern day crime novel. So for any aspiring crime writers and those readers looking for a fresh take on the police procedural, it's well worth the read but first I suggest Jim Thompson. T76MJ7DMGY3X

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