Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feel like taking a trip into space?

This came in my inbox
KLM presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to travel into space aboard the SXC Lynx spacecraft. Win this amazing journey and your adventure will begin with astronaut training in the Netherlands, where you will undergo a simulated suborbital spaceflight in the Desdemona simulator.
The next phase of the journey takes you to Curaçao where your exhilarating spaceflight will commence. After a mission briefing and a medical check, you will be ready for take-off from Hato Airport. Aboard the SXC Lynx spacecraft, you will rapidly accelerate into orbit, breaking the sound barrier and reaching a maximum altitude of 100km where you will experience weightlessness and marvel at breathtaking views of our planet. As you re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, prepare for a maximum 4.5 g-force experience before safely gliding back to Earth and returning to Curaçao.
To enjoy this life-changing experience, simply visit and play the Space Flight Quiz. Winning is easy. Just answer five questions, enter the price draw and you could be on your way to the stars.
I wonder if you get the miles, too. I get winded walking up and down the stairs so I doubt I'd make it through astronaut training. But feel free to enter. Think you need a flying blue account.

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  1. SXC Lynx spacecraft? I hope that does not mean it is sponsored by Lnyx deodorant. I'd have a lot less confidence in it then :p